Here’s Why You Need a Real Estate Agent-to-Agent Referral Script

Asking for referrals may seem pushy, but you can do so painlessly with an agent-to-agent referral script. Here's what you need to know.

Here’s Why You Need a Real Estate Agent-to-Agent Referral Script
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There are more than 3 million people with real estate licenses in the United States alone. Part of being a real estate agent involves asking for referrals, but this can be difficult if you don't know anything about the process or where to start. A good place to start is with a good agent-to-agent referral script.
But why is a real estate agent referral script necessary, and how can you know if one is right for you? More than that, how can it help you with asking for real estate referrals? Why are referrals important to real estate agents in the first place?
Keep reading and learning more about real estate agent referral scripts, how they work, and how you can use them, so you can learn how to ask for real estate referrals with ease.

Why Are Real Estate Referrals Important?

Referrals in real estate are important for a variety of reasons. The problem is that a lot of agents don't ask for referrals. If this sounds like you, this kind of behavior can put you far behind the competition.
On the other hand, if you often ask for referrals and get referrals, you will find that you are far ahead of the competition. The first thing you should know about real estate referrals is that, in a way, they are all part of a system. The referral system is connected in a way that is designed to promote certain real estate agents in a particular community, namely agents that have good reputations and get referrals often.
For example, suppose a client is satisfied with your services as a real estate agent. As a result, that client may refer other people to you, effectively giving you more business and success. Of course, the more people there are who are happy with your services, the more opportunities you will have to have even more potential clients refer them to you.
This is a great way to get as much business as possible. You also won't have to do all the heavy lifting on your own since word of your good reputation and hard work will spread on its own. However, it isn't always this easy.

Type of referrals

A lot of the time, clients won't naturally go about making referrals. This is because they may not think about it or may not even realize that they can refer your services to other people. This is why asking for real estate referrals is important.
This is also the case for agent-to-agent referrals, which are a bit different compared to regular client referrals. As the name suggests, this type of referral is when a particular real estate agent refers a client (or several clients) to another real estate agent.
It might seem counterproductive to refer clients to another agent, but this is not necessarily the case. More than that, this kind of referral can be quite helpful for some agents. For example, if an agent is so busy that they can't take on any more clients, that agent can always refer potential new clients to a fellow real estate agent.
If you’d like to explore what agent-to-agent referrals are in more detail, please check this blog post we wrote on the subject. Also, our software product exposes you to hundreds of new referrals per month.

The process for a good Agent-to-Agent Referral Script

But of course, there is a process to all this. Where does this process start? How can you ask for referrals, and how can scripts help?
A problem that most agents have is that they don't know how to go about asking for referrals. They may feel awkward trying to ask for one or they may not know what to say. After all, asking for referrals is a very particular business.
Asking for one could easily come off as pushy if you're not careful. It could also come off as desperate or needy. For that reason, you'll have to formulate a referral in a particular way, and this is exactly what a script can help with.
Besides that, a script can also help you create a sort of system when asking for referrals. That way, this entire process will be easier than ever and you won't have to struggle so much or risk going without any referrals at all. But what exactly is a script and what does it do?
A script is exactly what it sounds like. It is a string of sentences that are designed to be the perfect vehicle for a referral. Instead of you tripping over your words to find the right words to ask for a referral, a referral script already has all the right things to say organized and in place.
The only real task you would have is to memorize the script. Of course, you don't need to memorize the script word-for-word. You can always make a few changes if you feel like it, but as long as you stick to the majority of the script, you won't have to think too much about asking for referrals.

What You Need to Know

This kind of script is designed to be as effective as possible when asking for referrals. That way, you won't risk sounding pushy or desperate when asking for them. This, of course, is ideal if you want to ensure that people view you as a professional and reputable real estate agent.
There are many referral scripts you can choose from, but the majority of them are more or less the same. For example, you could say something along the lines of you mostly do business through referrals and that you wouldn't mind if that agent or client referred you to other people in the future.
Once you get the hang of using a real estate referral script, you'll find that it will be easier to get referrals in no time. Besides that, this will allow you to spread your reputation as a good real estate agent much more easily. But even if you have a great real estate script on your hands, how should you go about asking for a referral in the first place?

How to Start Asking for Referrals

If you've never asked for a referral before or if you don't have a lot of experience with it, it can seem a bit nerve-wracking, even if you do have a good script on your side. The first trick is to make sure you ask at the right time. There is a right time and a wrong time to ask for referrals.
Ideally, you should ask when there is some kind of celebration in order. For example, suppose that an offer for a piece of property has just been accepted. Or, suppose that a property has just closed or a property has just been appraised at a great price.
Whatever the case, all of these scenarios will put you as a real estate agent in a good light. When your reputation is already at its peak, this would be a great time to ask for a referral. This is because people will automatically see you as a good choice and they will most likely refer you to other people they know because they know your services are good.
On the contrary, you will want to avoid asking for referrals if something hasn't worked out the way it was supposed to. In that case, it may give people a temporarily bad view of you and your services and, of course, asking for a referral won't accomplish much. So, as long as you stay on the high ground and make sure that your services are as good as they can be, you shouldn't have any trouble asking for referrals.

What to Know

You should also keep in mind that there is a certain number of times that you should ask for referrals. Asking just once may not be enough to get the results that you require. Many real estate agents ask as much as 5 to 10 times.
While this may sound like a lot, many agents find that asking this many times (over a longer period of time, of course), produces great results. It is usually recommended not to ask more than 5 times over a certain period, as this may come off as pushy.
Keep in mind that you shouldn't use the exact same script when asking either. Otherwise, people may think that you sound fake and ingenuine.
Instead, you can change up the wording here and there to make sure that the referral script stays as fresh as possible, or you can just use a new script. Most agents have more success with referrals when they ask more than one time.
Once you get the hang of this system, getting referrals from agents and clients will be easier than ever.

Big list of Real estate Referrals Scripts

An agent-to-agent referral script can be the perfect thing for you if you want to spread the word about the professionalism of your services. It is also a great thing to try if you often have trouble asking for referrals on your own. A script is nothing more than a few sentences to help you ask for a referral, but it can certainly make the process easier.
Here is an extensive list of referrals scripts:
  1. Most agent’s time is spent looking for new business. I’d rather invest that time finding a buyer for your home….That’s why I work primarily by referral. If you hear of anyone thinking about doing some real estate business would you send them my way
  1. Now that you are shopping for a home you will probably be talking real estate with family and friends – I would love to help anyone you know with their real estate needs. In fact I primarily work by referral
  1. Now that we are in escrow you are going to have a ton of jealous friends. I created a link you can share with them that shows off your amazing new home. Listen if anyone in your circle wants to follow your lead and purchase a home let me know I would love to help!
  1. I would love to be on your short list of people that you send real estate referrals to and I will do the same when I come into contact with someone who can use your services.
  1. As we start to market your home I will provide links to all the places you can find your home online and on social media. If you can share these links with your friends and family that would be great. Also if anyone in your circle decides to follow your lead I would love to help.
  1. I have really enjoyed working with you and I find that nice people generally have nice friends and family - so if you have any friends or family that need a REALTOR I would love to help.
  1. When it comes to finding new clients to work with I find that the best marketing is always word of mouth….if you hear of someone considering a real estate change would you send them my way?
  1. By the way, I work almost exclusively by referral. If you hear of anyone considering a real estate change, would you send them my way?
  1. I do business differently than most real estate agents. I work almost exclusively by referral. I find that gives me more time to spend helping buyers and sellers instead of chasing business. So if I do a good job for you I would love your referrals if you hear of anyone considering a real estate change.
  1. Now that you are (buying/selling) who else do you know that might also be considering a housing change?
  1. “Hi _______, there is something I want to run past you quick. Many of our clients like to introduce our services to others. I just thought if that opportunity ever presented itself to you, I would let you know how we handle that so you feel comfortable. First off, everything is confidential and we handle these situations with great care. For example, we don’t like to call people out of the blue, so to make everyone comfortable, we prefer introductions. How that looks is if you identify someone we should chat with about real estate, feel free to pass on our name and introduce us by email or phone.”
  1. Hi ________, it’s been such a pleasure working with you. Now, do you know anyone that you would want as a neighbor? If so, feel free to let me know and I can chat with them about their real estate needs!
  1. Hi [Name],
    1. Congrats again on the home sale! Between the packing and organizing, I hope you still get a chance to celebrate.
      I really did enjoy working with you and would love to work with more people like you! If you know of anyone who may be looking for real estate advice, we are always on the hunt for more great clients like you. We work almost exclusively by referral, so if anyone comes to mind, we are always happy to help. (If not, no worries, of course)
      Regardless, it has been such a pleasure working with you and I'm looking forward to working closely with you on the final stretch as we approach possession.
      [Your Name]
  1. Hi [Name],
    1. I hope all is well! Looking forward to catching up with you soon!
      Because we worked together, if anyone comes up in your network that may need real estate advice, I'm always happy to help. We work almost exclusively on referrals, so we always make a point of asking our great clients if they know anyone.
      No need to respond - we are just huge on referrals so if anyone comes up, we are always happy to help.
      Chat soon!
  1. I quickly wanted to share the story of the Johnsons. They needed to sell their townhouse and move to a larger home to accommodate their beautiful growing family. We had their home on the market for 2 weeks and we were able to find a great buyer for their home. Now they have found their dream home and we are just waiting for possession! Do you know anyone who is looking for real estate advice? No pressure, but if so, feel free to shoot me a quick Facebook message!
  1. Do you know anyone who would want to know what homes are selling for in their neighborhood? If so, send me a quick Facebook message and I will get right to work!
You just got a new listing
Our first “asking for referral” script can be used if you just got a new listing. The next time you sign on with a client, use this script:
Mr. and Mrs. Seller … Thank you so much for your listing; I have two goals while working with you.
First, is to sell your home as quickly as possible for the highest price.
Second, is to give you such great service that you automatically refer me to anyone you know who wants to buy or sell.  Sounds good?
Before I let you go, who else do you know now that might need my services?
You just sold a home
As you know, one of the best times to ask for a referral is right after you sold a home. This is because you successfully proved to your client you have the skills and expertise to get their home sold. Now that you sealed the deal, keep the ball rolling by asking for referrals with this script:
Mr. and Mrs. Seller… I am so happy we were able to sell your home.
At this point, ________, my closing coordinator will take over to make sure your sale closes smoothly.
As you know, my business is based on referrals from great clients like you.
You’ve probably been involved in lots of conversations about moving lately.
Before I let you go … who else do you know that may need my services at this time?
You just found a buyer their dream home:
There’s nothing better than helping a buyer find their dream home. Once they get handed the keys, they’ll be filled with joy and extremely thankful for your help. It’s during this time that you can encourage your clients to recommend your services to their network using this script:
Mr. and Mrs. Buyer … I am so happy we were able to find you a home.
At this point, ________, my closing coordinator will take over to make sure your sale closes smoothly.
As you know, my business is based on referrals from great clients like you.
You’ve probably been involved in lots of conversations about moving lately.
Before I let you go… who else do you know that may need my services at this time?
Your clients’ transaction is pending
Staying connected with your clients throughout the entire home selling or home buying process is essential. During waiting periods, such as when a transaction is pending, is a great time to stay in communication and ask for a referral. Use this script if someone else besides you is doing the transaction follow-up:
Hello … it's _________ calling … How are you?
I am in regular communication with _______ your closing coordinator who assures me everything is on track with your sale.
Now that your home is sold/purchased … I am calling to see … who else do you know that needs to buy or sell in the near future?
Thank you so much. Referrals from great clients like you are the lifeblood of my business.
You run into an old friend
You never know who you’ll bump into on any day. With that said, it’s important to be prepared for moments you run into someone who may need a real estate agent. Whether it’s an old friend, coworker, or acquaintance, use this script to generate more leads and get referrals:
(After small talk) (Name) … by the way, do you know I sell real estate?  (pause) I’ve been doing it for XX years.
Wait for response.
I was just wondering if you’ve talked with anyone recently w ho might be interested in buying or selling a home? (If they can’t think of a name to share immediately.)
That’s ok.  but if you do hear of someone in the future, will you keep me in mind?  I’d really like to get the change to work with anyone you know who’s looking to buy or sell.  Please just give me a call or drop me an email if you hear of anything.
Wait for response.
Just to make it easier for you to share my contact info when the subject comes up, may I give you a couple of my business cards?
The out-of-the-blue cold calling script
“Hi! My name is John. It’s so good to finally reach you! I’m a real estate expert for the Big Wins Real Estate community. Just checking, is this a good time to talk?”
The script that gauges interest
“Hi, I’m John with Big Wins Real Estate. Is this the homeowner?”
Wait for their confirmation.
“Ok, great! The reason for my call is that I have some buyers that are looking for homes in your neighborhood at the moment. Would you consider selling your home if you had someone lined up to buy it?”
The script that positions you as a community champion
“Hi (prospect’s name), this is John from Big Wins Real Estate. Just reaching out as I’ve been living in the (neighborhood/area name) for over 20 years and I just love this place. As a new agent at Big Wins with a specialization in the local area, I wanted to know if I could find a suitable buyer for your property in the next 30 days. Would you be open to meeting with me to discuss?”
A script for leveraging a recent sale you made
“Hi, I’m John from Big Wins Real Estate. Is this the homeowner?”
Wait for their confirmation.
“Just getting in touch because I sold a property down the street from you recently at (recent sale address). It’s a great area with a lot of interest at the moment and the properties are selling for fantastic prices. Out of interest, have you thought about selling your home?”
The script for nailing your elevator pitch
“I just sold a property in this area last week for considerably more than the asking price. I know you’ve got a tight deadline for selling your property. If I could show you a plan to get your property moving on the market and above the asking price, can we set up a meeting?”
“I’m on a mission to help 50 people find their dream homes by the end of the year. I’d like you to be one of those people and I want to be the person that finds your dream home in the shortest time frame possible. Would you be open to meeting with me tomorrow?”
The script for pitching someone you already know
“Hi [prospect’s name], this is John! We met at [fundraiser, mutual friend’s birthday etc.]. So, how have you been?”
Don’t open with the fact that you’re a real estate agent. Try to build the conversation from your last engagement with the prospect.
“I was just calling you because, as [mutual friend’s name] might have told you, I’m a real estate agent for Big Wins Real Estate. I’m just reaching out to family and friends to see where they’re at with their properties and if they’ve thought about upgrading, downsizing, or selling their home. [Prospect’s name], have you considered a move, considering the market right now?”
The script that gets to the point
“Hi, this is John from Big Wins Real Estate. I’m calling as my agency has some buyers who are interested in buying a home in [prospect’s area]. Can you tell me if you are looking to sell your home either now or in the near future?”
The script to pitch a property owner who is already selling
“Hi, is this [prospect’s name]? My name is John and I’m calling from Big Wins Real Estate. I was surfing the web this afternoon and I noticed you’ve got your house up for a private sale. I was just wondering if you have had any success?”
Wait for their answer, which will most likely be a “no” if you’ve spotted the property on the internet on sites like Zillow or Trulia.
“I’m not surprised, the market is slow at the moment. How long have you been on the market for now?”
Wait for their answer.
“Hmm. What kind of response have you got from interested buyers so far?”
Wait for their answer.
“Where are most of the interested buyers coming from? Have you had an open house or are you relying on your internet advertisement?”
Wait for their answer. By now, you’ve already got some information that can steer the pitch in your favor.
“That’s very interesting. The reason I’m calling you today is just to see where you’re at with the sale. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you with the sale, and if you would like my assistance with getting some more interest in the property.”
The script to follow up on a previous property appraisal
"Hi [prospect’s name]. It’s John calling from Big Wins Real Estate. I just wanted to touch base with you about the appraisal I conducted on your home in [month of appraisal]. I’ve been watching the market in your area closely and there’s been quite a lot happening. Has your position on selling the property changed at all?”
Wait for their answer.
“Ok no problem. Because the market in your area has been so busy, it may be worthwhile updating the initial estimate I gave you. Would this be something you would be interested in?”
Wait for their answer. If they say “no”, don’t give up.
“Okay [prospect’s name], I completely understand. I’m picking up that you aren’t planning on moving from the [neighborhood] at the moment, but I think you might be interested in how other properties in the area have sold since I spoke to you in [month you last spoke].”
Wait for their answer. If they don’t put up any immediate objections, you can talk to them about any new sales or listings in the area.
The script to stop a discussion about commissions
Prospect: “John, I don’t want to pay more than 3% commission on the sale.”
John at Big Wins Real Estate: “[Prospect’s name], I’m making a note that you don’t want to pay anything more than 3% commission. How’s tomorrow or Tuesday looking to meet up to preview the property?”
The Empathy-Driven Real Estate Script for FSBOs
Hi, I’ve just found this home for sale, and have a few questions about it. Are you the homeowner?
Great! My name is … and I’m working with ____.  The reason I’m calling is that I may have a few potential buyers for this house that were very interested in this area. Would you mind telling me the price you’re asking for this house?
Cool! Are you cooperating with any real estate agents?
Oh, ok, may I ask you why?
I just don’t feel like they can help me.
Sure, I understand. Did you have a bad experience in the past?
Trust me, I wouldn't want you to relive that. So for now you’re planning to just do it yourself. Got it. I’m not saying you should hire me now, or something. All I’m going to
do is give you some valuable information to help you get more money for your house. Obviously, you do want as much money in your pocket as possible. Correct?
Ok! So when would be the best time for you to get together with me, and then I’ll share my ideas with you [propose date]
Real Estate Script for Recently Expired Listings
Hi, I’m looking for _______ ... Hi _______ ... my name is _______ with _______ …
I’m sure you’ve figured out that your home came up on our computer as an expired listing ... and I was calling to see …
1. When do you plan on interviewing the right agent for the job of selling your home? (Never) Terrific! / Really!
2. If you sold this home ... where would you go next? (LA) That’s exciting!
3. How soon do you have to be there? (Already) Ouch!
4. ________ ... what do you think stopped your home from selling? (The agent) Really!
5. How did you happen to pick the last agent you listed with? (Referral) Great!
6. What did that agent do ... that you liked best? (Nothing) Ouch!
7. What do you feel they should have done? (Sold my house) Really!
8. What will you expect from the next agent you choose? (Sell my house) Terrific!
9. Have you already chosen an agent to work with? (No) Wonderful!
10. I would like to apply for the job of selling your home ... are you familiar with the techniques I use to sell homes? (No) You’re Kidding!
11. What would be the best time to show you ... Monday or Tuesday at ____?
Real Estate Scripts to Score Leads from Open Houses
Hi, my name is __________________ with ____________________.
I wanted to drop by and let you know about an Open House Event we are going to be holding for the __________ (Smiths) over on _______________ (address) this _______________ from ______ to ______ (E.g. Sunday from 1 to 4)*… You know where that is? I wanted to invite you to…come by… and…take a look….(mention any special treats or refreshments, etc) ….and also I wanted to find out…
1. Who do you know that would like to move into our area? ( ) Fantastic! Look forward to seeing you there!
2. Just out of curiosity…when do you think you might be ready to...make a move? ( ) Wow!
3. How long have you lived here? (10 yrs) Great!
4. Where did you move from? ( ) Good For You!
5. What brought you to this area? ( ) Excellent!
6. If you were to...move again… where do you think you would go next? ( ) That’s Exciting!
7. And how soon would you like to do that? ( ) Terrific!! If their time frame is 60 days or less...
8. It sounds like our next step would be to…set up a time to… get together… and take a look at the best way to make all this happen for you…so you can get to ______________ by ____________. Won’t that be exciting? ( ) Fantastic!
9. Which would be the best time for us to get together…Monday at 4:15...or Tuesday at 4:15 pm?
How to Ask for Sign-Ins at Open Houses
  1. “I’d love to keep you in the loop with any updates on this property and let you know when similar ones come on the market. I know it can be hard to stay current in such a hot market.” Purpose: Give them a reason to sign in by clearly articulating the value of the information they will receive from you in return for sharing their contact information.
  1. “I’m going to be selecting one winner from everyone in attendance today to receive a [prize you’re giving away] and contacting the lucky winner via email, so be sure to sign in so you don’t miss out!” Purpose: Run a contest to encourage people to leave their contact details, make it fun for them to register, and use it as an easy ice breaker.
  1. “Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoyed your tour! I would be happy to keep you informed on any updates about this property. Also, I met a couple other homeowners in the neighborhood today who are considering listing their home on the market soon. I’d love to stay in touch and make sure you’re the first to know about any new properties before they come onto the market.” Purpose: Build rapport with the visitor first before asking them to share their contact to stay in touch before they leave.
Asking for Referrals from a Current Customer.
The situation: While you’re having positive business interactions with customers or clients, it's a great time to ask them to tell their friends and family about you.
Agent: “I have a favour to ask you, but only if you’re comfortable with it.”
Seller: “Sure, no problem”
Agent: “I’ve noticed that during the buying and selling process, most of my clients discuss the experience with their friends, family and people at work. Did you get a chance to chat with anyone?
Seller: “Oh yes – my friends and coworkers are asking every day if we’ve found our new home yet!”
Agent: “That’s great. During those conversations, has anyone you’re talking to mentioned that they are also thinking of buying or selling a property.”
Seller: “Yes most people seem to chime in with where they want to move to.”
Agent: “When that happens, I would really appreciate it you would tell the person about me and do you think you can get them to call me or give me their phone number?”
Seller: Sure, I’d be happy to do that
Agent: Great! You can confidently let them know I’ll get back to them right away. Your referrals mean a lot to me I would never keep them waiting.
Seller: That’s great. I really appreciate it.”
Ask for Referrals from Family and Friends. Make Sure to Add Them to Your Mailing List
The situation: You're at a family function or a gathering of friends—or maybe you've just run into an old buddy at the grocery store. When the topic turns to real estate or your job, it's a prime opportunity to remind that person you can provide top-notch service to people your friend knows.
Agent: “By the way, if anyone starts talking to you about an interest in buying, selling, or investing in a home, it would be really helpful if you’d tell them you have a friend who’s a great real estate salesperson and would love to help them. You know I’ll give them the extra attention that I give every one of my clients.”
Family/Friend: “Sure, I’ll do that.”
Agent: “Thanks. I really appreciate it. And if they’re interested, ask if it would be OK for me to give them a call to talk, will you?”
Family/Friend: “OK.”
Agent: “By the way, what are your real estate goals for the next year?”
Family/Friend: “Well, I’ve always wanted to buy a house to fix up, rent, and get some money coming in for my retirement.”
Agent: “That’s a great idea. This is a great time to find some terrific buys. Have you done anything about making that goal happen?”
Family/Friend: “Nothing yet. It’s just something I’ve been thinking about.”
Agent: “Are you on my mailing list? I send out a Real Estate Newsletter each month to keep my clients updated on what’s going on in the local market. Why don’t you text me your email address so you can take a look at my last update
OR – Alternate Version
Agent: “Why don’t you let me buy you breakfast on Saturday so I can tell you more about how market trends may work in your favour over the next year. You can also tell me more about what sort of property you want so that I can keep an eye out for a deal you might be interested in.”
Family/Friend: “That sounds great. It’s a date.”
Plant The Seed for a Future Referral.
The situation: You've just run into an old colleague or friend. Make small talk appropriate to the situation before you mention your business and ask for the referral.
Agent: “By the way, do you know I sell real estate? I’ve been doing it for [fill in the blank] years.”
Acquaintance: Oh really.
Agent: “I was just wondering if you've talked with anyone recently who might be interested in buying or selling a home?”
Acquaintance: “Hmmm, I can’t think of anybody off the top of my head.”
Agent: "That’s OK. But if you do hear of someone in the future, will you keep me in mind? I’d really like to get the chance to work with anyone you know who’s looking to buy or sell. Please just give me a call or drop me an e-mail if you hear of anything."
Acquaintance: “Sure, I’ll do that.”
Agent: “Just to make it easier for you to share my contact info when the subject comes up, may I give you a couple of my business cards?”
Acquaintance: “Sure.”
OR – Alternate Versions
  1. Hello (name), this is (your name). Do you have a minute?
I just wanted to remind you that I am building a referral based real estate business. What’s your best email (I am not going to hound or harass you), and your cell # (Down stroke in voice), and your mailing address again?
When you find someone thinking about real estate, call me with their name and number in case they lose mine
Call you next month- or I’ll reach out next month 🙂
  1. Hello (name), this is (your name). Do you have a minute?
I am calling to remind you that I am building a referral based real estate business and I need your help. [pause for a second]
Who’s the next person you know …that wants to buy a home….or sell a home… that I could call today? [pause]
Perhaps someone at work or on your street? [pause]
Thanks for thinking about that. When you find someone… call me… with their name and number in case they lose mine ok?
Call you next month
Past Client/Center of Influence Script
Hi, is this ______?
Hi ________ it’s ________ how are you doing today?
We haven’t talked in a while and I was calling to touch base with you to see how you’re doing?
How’s everything going?
May I ask you a business question?
Well the spring/summer/fall/winter market is in full swing and as you probably already know I do rely heavily on the people I know to support my business in terms of referrals, so I was wondering who you might know that could use my help to buy or sell a home this year?
If Yes
Thank you I do appreciate you thinking about that.  Would you feel comfortable if I gave them a call?
If No
Thank you I do appreciate you thinking about that.  If you do come across anyone in the next little while would you pass my contact info to them?
It certainly is good people I know that have helped me build a very successful business so far.
And do you have any questions about the real estate market that I might help you with, like the sale prices in your area?
Well if anything ever comes up by all means feel free to contact me anytime ok?
Fantastic!  Before I let you go when do you suppose you’ll be moving next?
Good for you!
It’s great to talk to you again.  I’ll stay in touch and if there is anything you ever need even if you want to know about a recent sale in your area feel free to give me a call ok?
Have a great day!
Bye now.
OR – Alternate Versions
  1. Cold Call/Prospect - "Hi _______, I am excited to let you know that I am in real estate so when you hear someone talking about buying or selling, call me!"
Be sure to leave your business card if they are someone you just met!
  1. Current/Past Client - "Who do you know right now that is interested in buying or selling real estate?"
  1. Current/Past Client - "I truly enjoyed working with you on the selling of your property, so do you have any friends, family, or co-workers who need real estate help?"
  1. Current/Past Client - "I not only sell real estate in the area, but if you or anyone you know is moving out of town, call me. I am part of a national network and know the top real estate agents in every city. Let me connect you or anyone you know with one!"

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